Bridal Shower Party

I always love to host or organize a party like this. I am always seeing this in movies and I so love to do it too. Once I have organized a baby shower already. Just like Bridal shower, it has a lot of preparations too. As a planner, I gathered every information about the expectant mother’s friends coz that party was a surprise. I was the one who contacted the friends and told them about the plan. Same with bridal shower party, it is also good and nice for the bride to be a surprise. Women loves surprises and it will surely ease her tensions preparing for her big day. Even though now a days, bridal shower is no longer a surprise and already set up by a bride itself, there are some who don’t mind about bridal shower already because they have more important things to do for the wedding preparations, so this is the best time to throw a surprise party. Mostly planning a bridal shower party was done by the bridesmaid, mother of the bride and closest girl friends. These people can organize everything for the bridal shower party fromĀ bridal shower invitations, giveaways, gifts for the brides and some foods and drinks.



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