Royal Wedding Gowns

Kate 2011                                   Princess Diana 1981

Look at these two gorgeous women wearing their royal wedding gown 30 years apart.

I am not sure if Kates wedding gown was patterned over Princess D’s gown coz they look similar to me except ofcourse for the materials. Let me just give a little checklist of the similarities : Color – ofcourse it is white coz it’s a wedding dress – check, long as in long train – check, long sleeves – check, Tiara – check, Veil -check!  Just noticed, now I am thinking if these patterns were just a standard wedding dress of royal families? Hmm…need to research more on that next time.

Anyways, no matter how far the distance was of their time, they look both beautiful. Like father like son when it comes to taste for a woman.

I just wanna congratulate the newly weds! May God be with them always.

I think it’s time to wait for Prince Harry’s future bride’s gown soon!



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