I Need to go Shopping!

It’s been two months now since we arrived here, I packed only some of my few clothes and stuff and all of the rest were given away. Woops let me change that word “all” there coz  truthfully I gave away “some” and  kept some in my closet back there far away home! I just brought the things I need like one pants, 1 dress, 3 bags, some shirts, some shorts that are just enough for a week and then have to wash them again for the next week.

My jackets are all getting old already coz I only have two and I am using them almost everyday.  I asked husband to buy me some blazer, no more jacket please but I don’t know when is he gonna buy me some. I am hoping he could buy me or else, I will be using my credit card to purchase online!  LOL.  Nah, I am not trying to threaten him, I just know he wouldn’t like that idea coz I saw some superb blazerz and blouses online like this marc by marc jacobs! Oh my god they are so awesome! I really wanted to have one. Wearing jacket all the time is not so fashionable but I have no choice coz that’s the only thing  I have.

Another thing I want to have this month or maybe next month after the blazer is a bag. I was actually browsing for some already. I saw different kinds of bags like marc jacob handbags that are so beautiful in my eyes though I was thinking if I really need those. I guess I just have to stick with the blazers first since I still have bags here. I really wish my dear husband could buy me some! I will just save some money for the bag. 😉

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