Fashion Model Wanna Be

My daughter Ishi seemed love to be a model someday. She loves to strike a pose, wear pretty dresses and accessories. I was thinking of looking out for a company where we can put her to study or learn fashion modelling. My husband is also willing to put her in that kind of school aside from the gymnastics and ballet she really wants but we are not sure if we an afford it by now so I am trying to research what are the things she has to learn for her to be able to enhance her skills in becoming a model someday.  I think the best practice for her is to join some simple contests or modelling within the area. I was looking out on some photo contests online coz I don’t think she can handle to ramp in a catwalk with so many light fixtures in it yet. Those george kovacs lighting is not just an ordinary light, they are really bright, so for starters like her, I don’t think she’s ready in a catwalk not unless it’s only a wall lights. I should probably start her with photo contest, I can take her pictures and submit it in any contests available just for the start only.


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