Halloween Fashion

Halloween is one of the holidays when people get fancy in dressing up. Costumes are no longer limited to scary characters. It could actually be anything now. One of the top Halloween getup is Jack Sparrow’s character from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Some would even dress up as Cinderella. That is not scary at all. In short, people dress up in costumes they want to project even just once in a year. Usually it is just for fun. It has nothing to do with Halloween at all. Others would even go for a naughty nurse costume especially if they are sexy.

How about you, do you dress up for Halloween? If so, what characters have you portrayed? What do you want to portray next? Do you have a dream character you want to someday go for but somehow you are being limited? What is limiting you?

Fashion is everywhere. It can be global or countrywide or just to yourself. As long as you can carry yourself without making others stumble, go ahead.

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