Back to Texas Again

 We were back once again to Texas last weekend, we’ve been there for two days but we haven’t got a chance to explore it’s beauty. What we did last visit was to relax inside our hotel room and shop all day at Allen Premium Outlets. But we don’t regret it coz we also enjoyed it! Yet, I was just amazed with what TEXAS can offer.


While wandering to Texas, I am fascinated with their infrastructures. Maybe it’s been a while since I have seen such things coz in Arkansas, there are no tall buildings. But actually, the thing that fascinates me are not those tall building but how the building looks. Some are looks like a lego to me, some are like Olympia metal buildings and some are pure glasses. It’s different I dunno how to describe them, I just love them. I will be posting the pictures in my photo blog – certifiedphotoaddictdotcom.

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