I’m Gonna Be Thirty!

I am soon gonna be thirty! Gosh Time flies really fast! I remember dreaming of a party on my 30th birthday and now that the time is gonna come I didn’t even prepared a ┬áplan for it! I am still imagining a party but I can’t ┬ádo it since I don’t have a work yet and spending for my birthday is not practical. So what should I do on my birthday? Ahmm…I don’t know exactly what to do? Can I throw a surprise party for myself? Nah…Can I go shopping instead coz I really want a dress! Ah-ah, I don’t feel like buying it for myself but If someone has to give then that’s okay with me. Most of the celebrations or treat I am thinking are all just expenses not a need! Hmmm…should I get a phone for myself? I don’t think I need one yet. I can’t think of any material stuff for myself…I don’t know what to give myself to make me happy. I am seeking for something I don’t exactly know.

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