Shopping Bag #5 Shopping @ Children’s Place in Texas

Shopping BagShopping again in Texas! Yes we were back to Texas two weeks ago! We were not suppose to go shopping but who can’t resist if you were in a very affordable yet very nice clothes’ outlet! We traveled to Texas not to go shopping, we traveled the 6 hour long drive to look for something worth visiting. It’s very tiring to travel and the kids were very bored. We don’t have any entertainment to give them such PS3 or portable dvd. They only got a toys in their hand and thank God they slept so it’s less of our worries while traveling. Our travel is all worth it because we visited a very nice aquarium, ate in different restaurants that are not available in Arkansas and viewed an exhibit. So after we have finished everything we did for 2 days stay in Texas, our last stop was the Allen Outlet where our friends gone for shopping. We were there to wait for them but I thought of buying the kids their clothes since we were there already and so we end up shopping for 30 minutes and look what we’ve got!


Ishi's Shopping Bag


Ethan's Shopping Bag

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