Great Finds

Shopping online seemed gonna be my addiction while I am always at home. I can’t help myself look at the items on sale over the net. I am getting crazy with them because the prizes are very low! I still didn’t get my first three orders online but I am receiving online messages that it will be arriving soon and I can’t wait anymore. Those are all for my kiddos. I am also looking for myself but I love to shop more for my kids. Once I got my first orders, I will surely order them another set of clothes! I am just loving great finds online! i’ve been looking something for me a while ago but most of the items were plus size formal dresses and I don’t think it will fit to me even they are so cheap and looks nice too. These are for big women like other Americans but not for an Asian like me.

Plus Size Drape Neck Tunic imagePlus Size Plaid 2 Pocket Tunic Shirt image

Plus Size Painted Floral Poncho image

Aside from clothes, I also want to have some books and toys for my kids. Forget about what I want, I will ask my husband to buy for me, Lol. Can’t wait to buy more stuff online, I just can’t order more since I don’t have the first one yet. Can’t wait anymore, so excited!

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