Happy Birthday to Me and My Husband

 My birthday is finished and I had a wonderful one! A memorable one and a very special one for me. Last night, we had our dinner birthday party at one of our friend’s house. Everybody was wearing yellow like what I have put in the invitation. I have a wonderful tweety bird cake and a cutie banner! I love everything I saw last night! Husband and I celebrated our birthday that night but I feel like it’s my own day, lol. The gifts I received for my 30th birthday are all heart warming! Especially the gift from my husband. His gift for me made me happy but he made me very happy because he seldom surprised me! And I am so touch! His real birthday is on the 14th and I don’t have any gift for him yet, I dunno what’s the best birthday gift ideas for husbands since he already has his Macbook Pro, I don’t think of anything he needs and wants. But I have to get him one atleast. 😀

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