My Daughter Love Tanks

Kids are so different now. I just noticed my daughter loves to wear sexy outfits more than I do. I was thinking where could she possibly get it? I love wearing sexy stuff but not most of the time, just occasionally. Do you think that is also one of the factor why? I am not against sexy outfits as long as it is appropriate to the occasion and that is what I am teaching her.  I am not so worried about sexy outfits coz there were times that she love to wear pants too and a shirt and dresses. I just noticed she love to wear tanks and camis. We bought her one of it, a blue one and she loves wearing it.  I was thinking maybe because it’s color blue and she loves blue but recently no, it’s not because of the color coz she was asking me to buy another color of it. So then confirmed that she loved it coz she feels sexy wearing it? Or is she comfortable with it?  Or maybe it is very hot nowadays. Let’s see if she still love tank tops when fall and winter comes, lol. But either way,  I still appreciate my daughter’s taste in fashion and I admire her having it.

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