Pampering Yourself No More!

We are on our fifth month this 11th of August. Thank God we’re doing okay, but my face seemed missing my monthly facial spa. I have these pimples all over my face already and I dunno if it was because of my monthly period which I don’t have when I was in the Philippines due to ‘birth control’ thing-y or it is because I need a Facial?  I can feel my face has this dry skin already and I dunno how to exfoliate them. I need professional help! I wish I could have a job sooner so I can treat myself for a facial. I really need it since my face was used to it already. I also miss pampering  my body with a massage too! I also wanted to have some hair spa and a cellophane! I miss all those things and I can’t do them here if I don’t have my own money! I can’t afford it! But I will surely give time and ‘budget’ for this soon! This is not just spending money, I know it is a necessity, an investment and a treat for myself. I deserve to have some pampering right? It makes me feel more beautiful and confident.

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