Sexy, Scary Me!

I hope the weather will get cool soon. The summer has gotten into us where we had more than enough. I am ready for the Fall and looking forward to it because of my husband’s birthday and Halloween. Yes, Halloween. For sure my friends will be organizing parties again like last year.

It’s really fun going to costume parties on Halloween. Last year, I wore a Supergirl outfit. It is kind of a girly costume with a mid-thigh short skirt. That’s what made it sexy though. My friends wore Sexy Halloween Costumes also. And some are frightening and horrible looking outfits. I could not even recognize who’s who. Besides being sexy in their costumes, they are scary too. You might think that Sexy Halloween Costumes are expensive. No. Actually the outfits are on sale today. It is better to get yours now before they’re gone. Wearing a sexy costume for the Halloween, you become the star of the party.

This coming Halloween, I am thinking to wear a sexy Queen Amidala costume. That would be nice, don‘t you think? I am surfing online now and already watching the costume I like. ‘Cannot wait to hit the Checkout button.

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