Temptation 101 For my Eyes Only

I wish to buy these stuff sale on ZULILY for this week. I love the pink girls’ dress for my daughter but it’s too expensive. I can’t afford it. That cost two tops already. So I am not buying it. That’s sad 🙁 I want the mr. potato shirts too but there’s none for Ishi so taht would be a big trouble. Smurfs is my second solution but no sizes for Ishi. So this means – NO shopping today! These are just for my eyes only!

Pink ‘Attitude’ Dress – Infant & Toddler

original $60.00

Pink ‘Daddy’s Girl’ Dress – Infant & Toddler
original $40.00

Royal Potato Parts Sweatshirt – Toddler & Boys
original $18.00
Red French Fries Tee – Toddler & Boys
original $18.00
Pink & White Smurfette Layered Tee – Toddler & Girls
original $20.00