A Woman’s Watch for Christmas

Can you smell the air? I do and it’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! We’re already a week into September and before we know it, it would be time for every person’s favorite holiday already. Actually, from where I come from the Christmas season plus all the hype that go with it begin as early as the 1st of September. That early you will already see decorations and hear carols being played on the radio.

I guess a part of me will always have that built-in alarm clock which tells me when it’s time to start shopping for gifts. I am already browsing for possible gift selections as early as now. Well, I actually have a few gifts stashed here and there but they would have to wait for a few more months before they get to their proper recipients. As much as possible I want to avoid the rush come December. I don’t have much patience for that no matter how much I love shopping.

Of course, apart from browsing for gifts I would be giving away, I am also looking for something which I would love to receive this year. I am currently checking out Womens Watches because I badly want a new one this year. I’d have to give hubby some hints then!

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