Be Proud of Your Body No Matter the Size

I find it funny that clothes have class distinctions. If you regularly go shopping, you’ll definitely know what I mean. When you look at the tag you’ll see petite, medium, large and plus size and the items are displayed per section. That means if you have a heavy frame you have no recourse but to go straight to the plus size section. It’s a good thing people are smart enough not to take offense with that.

But to tell you frankly, I have a small frame but I sometimes go to the plus size section. Just because the clothes in that section are sized bigger than usual doesn’t mean I can’t choose an article of clothing from there. On the contrary, I love wearing clothes which are several sizes bigger than I am because it brings out the inner fashionista in me. Plus Size Coats will look good when worn over skinny jeans. It can even be worn on its own cinched by a wide belt at the waist and accentuated by thick hoop earrings and a large necklace.

No matter what your size is, you should always be proud of your body. That’s who you are, that’s what God has made you to be.

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