Labor Day SALE!

Another fun day for all the shoppers out there! It’s LABOR DAY SALE!!! People surely getting crazy with a lot of cheap offers this week! I have receive so may notifications online from my favorite shopping sites and even a medical scrubs for a very low price! Oh gawd there are lots and lots of sale items and I can’t think of something I need to buy. Last Sunday husband and I shop for kids clothes. Coz you know it’s getting colder and colder now and they need new clothes to use for school. We bought some long sleeves and pants for Ethan and same stuff plus tights for Ishi.

I just realized how come I didn’t think of buying ourselves some fall clothes since we were in an outlet already! Gosh that’s a huge mistake. I should buy more jackets, more pants and a boots! Husband asked me what I need but I said I don’t need anything so we didn’t shop for ourselves. The truth is I want so many things. I just said that to him because I don’t wanna shop using his money. But now I want to get it back and say, oh I need this and that , please buy me this and that but it’s too late. I might be checking on something online for myself. I wanna buy more long sleeves and pants and tight just like Ishi. I hate cold weather so I must prepare myself. Oh gosh I wish I could have a job soon so I could buy whatever I want for myself.



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