Shopping Bag #14 Shopping @ Tanger Bransons

Last holiday we went to Branson and have some fun in White Water, spent our night in a hotel and headed to Tanger Outlet for shopping the next morning. It’s nice to shop in an outlet, everything was branded, signatured clothes yet, you can get them for a very low price. We don’t have plan on shopping for ourselves, we just wanna shop for some clothes for our angels so we headed to our favorite outlet – CHILDREN’s PLACE!!!

Here’s what we got:

ETHAN – 3 longsleeves (9.99-14 dollars each) and a pair of pants (16)

ISHI – 1 pair of pants (19). 2 pairs of tights(5), 1 pink leggings (9.99), 1 pink blouse (9.99), 1 hoodie shirt (14.99)

ACCESSORIES -4 pairs of hair clips (6 for 2 pairs), necklace (7.99)

There are lots of stuff you can buy in an outlet for a very minimal price. Clothes, House Appliances and Decors and Accessories such as Pravins Engagement Rings and more!

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