Shopping Bag #15 Shopping For My Loveones

Shopping Bag

I am missing my family back in the Philippines especially my friends. my nephew and nieces. Good thing there’s this low cost conference call and I got to talk to them when I miss them. My sister just gave birth to another baby girl, I am sad I wasn’t able to see her in person and only in pictures (thanks to Facebook!). My only way of overcoming my loneliness is by shopping online and sent gifts to them and make them happy. I shopped online last week and here’s what I got for P1600 only!!

2 pairs of baby clothes and a  FREEBIE bag from Bulinggit Corner Online Store where I bought all of this

ready to go (items below this photo)

Pre-loved clothes from Bulinggit Corner (P90-P100 each)

A Smurf Bag for Chloe (My friend’s baby) P350 plus P60 shipping fee

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