The Photographer and the Model

A friend used to say my daughter and I will become a good theme in the future. My daughter Ishi loves to pose in a camera while me love to take photos of her. I guess we are perfect team indeed! My daughter has a potential to become a model. How I wish she will become tall just like models should be. She’s skinny and has an attitude of a model.In short she’s almost a perfect model.

As for me, I am not a good photographer yet. I am still practicing especially the light effects. If I am going to take photos of a model, there should be a nice studio set up for me. I am thinking of making one in the house. The problem is that, our house has limited natural light coming from the outside and we are only using indoor wall sconces. I don’t wanna spent some penny for the studio yet so I am improvising. I can use a swing arm wall lamps to balance the light and some seagull lighting. I am not quite sure yet but I have done this before. I used lamps for lighting when I was once covered a simple wedding.



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