Mamee and Me Boots

Remember the brown boots I ordered for ISHI? I already received it but it was a little bit big for her so I am not letting her use it for now. I am browsing another boots now and I saw this black snow bunny boots. So cute and it’s like my previous order Black Viola. I am not sure if they have the same designer shoes coz they almost look like the same. It’s so nice and I want to purchase them for Ishi.  This is nice for mamee and me fashion since I love to match with my daughter.  This was sale for only $26 from $50 plus orginal price. Should I purchase it or just buy in an offline stores since I got the wrong size in my previous order.

Black Snowbunny Boot

This is the boots I ordered few days ago, I still don’t have it and waiting for it to be delivered. I can’t wait already for I am so excited to wear it. I wish I can find one like this for my Ishi. It’s so lovely and I guess this will look more beautiful with a kid.

Black Viola Boot

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