My Boots Just Arrived!

 I have been buying so many things since I started blogging here in Ar but most of them were just simple stuff such grocery, kikay items, my hobbies and clothes and shoes for my kids. For the first time, I bought myself a boots! I have seen so many sexy shoes online that I love but winter is coming already so I have to buy boots. Anyway, boots are still sexy for me especially when you pair it with sexy jeans or long tops and leggings.

Remember my post before? I asked for your votes and you voted for BLACK VIOLA? I ordered that one too but it’s not shipped yet and i can’t wait to have it soon! This brown boots is my second boots that I bought for myself. In our country, I only get a chance to wear boots when there’s a cotume party. I always love to have collection of boots so I am starting it now! 🙂


Cutie boots eh? I got this for $24 dollars from $50 plus 5.99 shipping. Just a simple boots with simple prize. I am not into branded stuff, any kind will do as much as I like the design and it looks duarable and of course affordable!

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