Oh My Fur It’s on SALE!

It’s always been my dream to wear winter clothes. Now is the time to fulfill it! Winter is coming so I am shopping and shopping now that most if the winter clothes are on sale! I bought 2 pair of boots online unfortunately they are not delivered yet. I ordered winter jackets for my kids too but still waiting for it too. Now, it’s time to shop for my jackets!!!

I saw a lot of jackets online and I love them all. There are leathers, knitted and fur coats for women.  I think I should have atleast 2-3 pieces of coats but I am looking for an affordable only. One of  the coats I love to have is fur coats for sale  coz it’s 40-50 % off!

Black Sheared Beaver Mid-Length Coat with American Lynx Trim

Black sheared beaver mid – length, so nice and chic! I am sure this will comfort me during snow time! It’s so nice to pair with a leggings and a boots. Aside from furry ones, I also want a knitted dress that can also pair with boots and leggings but mostly are so fitted. Some fur jackets for women too are so tight. This design is just right for me, not to tight and not too loose. My tummy will not be so obvious!





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