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Pinay Mommy Community will be having a grand eve ball this coming November. They had their first eyeball last April unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend and sadly for the second time around, I will not be able to attend it.

So sad, I love to meet the mommies and lady bloggers there. Last time I saw their pictures, it looks fun and exciting . Everyone has prepared for that event, they prepared different tokens to be given out to each other, some personalized items and some simple stuff for souvenir. I saw them in pictures and I am so jealous. This time, I asked some moms to give me tokens too and give to one blogger from US  who will be attending the eyeball and I asked a favor to bring home my tokens. Even if I can’t be able to attend, I also ordered the PMC Shirt with our LOGO. It’s nice right?  I love personalized or  embroidered shirts as souvenirs, the group had good choice on it!

Can’t wait to receive the tokens they will be giving me in the eyeball, I wish I could get a lot but I don’t think that’s gonna happen coz it’s a big hassle for the person I will be asking to take my tokens. I am actually happy with the shirt so that’s good.

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