Shopping Bag #16 Ukay-Ukay Shopping

Another shopping spree! I really can’t stop myself from shopping kid’s stuff! My sister and my cousin’s baby  will surely gonna like the clothes I bought for them from Western Ukay-ukay an online store. I bought 22 pieces of clothes for girl and 21 pieces for the boy  that are all imported from US. Some are pre loved and some are brand new.

Total price is Php 2,240.00 but got this for Php1,730.00 saved Php 510.00

Total price is Php 2,585.00 and got this for Php 1,930.00 saved Php 655.00

I love all these baby clothes and I enjoyed shopping and making “tawad’ till I get the lowest price the seller could give! 😀  I love shopping online for it’s very convenient, you can shop while doing something else, you can view the photos of whatever products you want to shop and you just have to wait for a day or two for your Express Parcel Delivery in your doorsteps.

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