Shopping Bag #21 Blue Tutu Dress for Ishi

Four days to go and it’s gonna be my daughter’s 6th birthday celebration. I ordered this tutu online specially for her big day and I didn’t expect it will arrive earlier. God is really good!

I saw this dress from Zulily last October 8 and  bought it for $25.99 from original price of $49.99. I find it affordable so I didn’t miss the chance of grabbing it even I know for the fact that it’s possible to arrive before my daughter’s birthday. I just thought that I can still use it for Christmas if it doesn’t arrive on time but luckily, it arrived, a week before the party.

Who wouldn’t love it? It’s so adorable right? I love this dress coz aside from the barbie and ballerina look, it’s perfect for a combination of pink and blue motif of Ishi’s party. I admire the kids designer clothes that made this tutu, she really is a chic!

Look how excited my birthday girl was when the delivery arrived in our door steps. She opened it immediately and wore it for some picture takings. Here’s some of her pretty poses.

I am so excited for my daughter, can’t wait to see her face so happy in her big day!


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