I Think I Found My Eyeglasses!

Yesterday I was browsing for¬†Reading Glasses 1.5¬†online coz I wanna buy a new one in addition to what I have right now. My current pair of glasses is color purple and it has bendable rim unfortunately it has scratches now but still in good condition. I need a new pair for I can’t use my eye glasses with scratch when going out. I found so many designs online and now I am tempted to buy like 3 pairs!!! Just kidding, that’s too much! I just wanna share these chic eye glasses.

Cathedral  Fashion Readers

Cathedral Fashion Readers

Filigree Burgundy Fashion Readers

Filigree Fashion Readers

There are plenty of Styles nowawdays and they are all nice. The photos above are some of my favorites.

During my childhood, I thought that only old people are wearing eye glasses so now that I need to wear them, I feel like I am old or look old in it. But people are really wise, they designed the glasses with different designs that fif your age, personality ans style. There are rims that called half rim, full rim, oval shape rim, hard case rim and even rimless.

So have your eyes check now coz whatever kind of eyeglasses designs you want can be found in stores now.

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