Not Over Yet with Shopping Yet

I have bought some items from Zulily again yesterday two of them is for me and one for my daughter. I need more long sleeves and leggings. I want to be comfortable during that season for I really can’t live with that cold. The weather at this moment that I am making this blog is about 39 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s chilling so what more if it’s winter? I also need a pair of boots and so with Ishi and EThan. I wish I could find an affordable one.

There are plenty of items that are very affordable in Zulily but I cannot buy them all this time coz I am prioritizing my daughter’s birthday first. I bought a dress from Zulily few days ago and I am expecting it to come before the party. I have also need to buy so many things for the preparation such as school supplies and balloons. After this party, I will be focusing on shopping for more for this coming Christmas.

I cannot help my self shopping coz I am so in love with Zulily items. Hope to shop for more after this event.


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