Watches for Gifts?

Watches is one of the nice gifts that you can give to your loveones this coming Christmas. Some of men and women love to collect watches. Like me for example, I only have three watches, a personalized one with my photo on it, a fossil stainless one from my husband and a swatch from one of my winnings and I am planning to buy more with  a different brand this coming Black Sale. I am also buying my mama a watch coz she always wanted to have a nice one that she never had ever in her life. I wanted I am thinking of a nice watch for her age, a silver? gold plated or leather? I am thinking of purchasing some Guess watches, they are a little bit expensive yet they are so nice for gifts. I haven’t bought any guess watch before but I am planning to buy if there’s any sale.

Aside from signatured watches, you can always buy a simple ones. Personalized watches is one of my favorites gift to giveaway. I remember last year, I ordered a lot of personalized watches and gave to my kids’ teachers as a gift. They are affordable, simple yet it’s special coz your name or photos are there.

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