Cathie Jung – The Corset Queen

Oh my gosh!! I can’t believe these people can still breath!!!!

It’s my first time to hear about the corset queen – Cathie Jung, I didn’t know there’s such kind of thing and Oh my gosh! I saw it in you tube and oh my….my jaw dropped!

Imagine yourself wearing a corset and look like this —>>>

In my age I guess I have to start wearing it now. ┬áBut one time I used a girdle to balanced my overflowing tummy, it almost kill me! I can’t breath!!

Look at your body when wearing a corset…

Try to put on some corset and tell me how you feel.

Oh my gosh! This terrifies me but I Cathie Jung has been doing this for a long time and she seem very fine so I think there’s nothing wrong if you try right? Oh no, I’d rather go to the gym!

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