Decorating Living Room Ideas Anyone?

I am browsing for some furniture and otehr stuff for our house since Monday but I am having a hard time choosing what I want and what comliments our existing furniture. I want to decor our living room  and make it look like a real home coz it doesn’t look like a house to me. It looks more like a studio room with a sofa set and TV, we don’t even have a center channel speakers that completes the entertainment appliances. But ofcourse we can’t get that coz our apartment is not that big and we don’t want our eardrums to bleed to too much loud sound! What I only want are simple, I want a vase, more photo frames, more wall decors, lampshade, curtains and table tops. But I can’t buy them all yet so I am still planning. This will be the first thing I will do  to my first salary incase I will get a job soon! And next will be an office table for me to be placed in our room. Oh gosh it’s always  nice to dream!

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