Shopping For More Gym Outfits

One of my New Year’s resolution is to “limit” shopping but one of them is to go to the gym too so I need some outfit and that means I have to shop! I am trying to justify myself coz I wanna shop for some Alabama apparel like jersey and jogging pants. I’ve seen different kinds of outfits for gym but most of them were University of Alabama shirts. I love them but I don’t live in Alabama so I need something that is just plain and simple.

I tried looking online already and most of them were unbelievably expensive! Tops were like $30 – $50 and pants were most likely that price too. So imagine I will buy a pair, that is automatically a hundred bucks! Now I am stopping myself to shop for these things! I guess I will just use any available shirts I have in my closet and stick to my one and only jogging pants, oh poor me!

I really need to get a real job to buy things that I need in an instant! Good thing hubby bought a shoes for me already so that lessen my shopping list. I love my new shoes, in fact it is giving me inspiration to go to the gym daily.

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