Snow Outfits

I’ve been waiting for snow, winter has been two months now and I’ve seen snow once only and the kids didn’t enjoy it for they have to go to school that day. I am not wishing for a snow storm but just a simple snow time where the kids and I can play with and take pictures. But in the contrary, I love the weather now. It’s not that cold, it’s like spring already and it’s pretty fun for me who hates cold weather. But since it’s our first year here in Arkansas, my kids and I just wanna experience playing in snow even for one time only. I wanna wear snow outfits like fur coats for women or fur jackets for women and take photos of me with snow background. I have seen so many fur coats for sale online and they are all chic and fashionable but I already have one so snow is just what I need right now. My kids love to play and make snowman too. They are dreaming to play some snow balls and make a snow angel like what they used to see in some movies before. Oh snow, come visit us one time but please make sure to be gentle for it’s our first time 🙂


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