Shopping Bag #30 Happy Valentines Day!

Shopping Bag

Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody!

Did you buy your love ones something special yet? Or did you book table for 2 for dinner tonight? Valentine’s day is really a special day coz it’s love day! I though Valentine’s day is only for couples but I was wrong all this time! Last week my kids’ teachers emailed me about Valentines’ Party in their school and they were told to bring and exchange cards with their classmates. Isn’t that a great idea? And so I realized, ofcourse Valentine’s Day is not only for couples coz even kids do love! They love their friends, their teachers, their classmates and so many more!

I can’t think of anything to give my husband, I didn’t able to buy him something this Valentine, but I am thinking of giving him a massage this evening and a footspa. I am sure, he’ll love it!

And for my mom, who sacrifice her love life for me when I get married and had kids, I want to send her flowers this Valentines day but instead of buying flowers, I bought her a bag online and so with my sister and my sister in law.

I hope that I made their Valentine’s Day!

For my sister in law

For my Mama

For my only sister

Thanks for the nice package¬†Princess Neah Christey¬†Store in Facebook! It’s always nice that there are online stores!


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