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I am so confused with so many stuff online going! I have so many accounts already and everything were mixed up and I don't know what to use anymore! I don't know what passwords and usernames I am using anymore! Aside from that, I have so many sites that I love to visit, not to mention my more that 20 blogs that I am maintaining. I am getting crazy memorizing all this links and I am crazy looking for my list so that I will remember which site I am going to update, etcetera. I am so glad I found clipix Have you heard about it? It's awesome! I can get to arrange every links, accounts I have online and I don't need to list it in my notebook or something. All I have to do is clip it in my clipix account! I created my account and so far, I have my BLOGS all together in one album. I am also collecting all the blog lists I love to visit so I can visit them when I have time! Awesome right!, coz his clipix can't just clip photos, you can also clip sites, articles,clothes, and websites! I am loving it and you should try it!

Using clipix is so easy and very useful and fun. If you wanna learn more about it, please watch the video below.

Watch this Video to learn more about clipix.

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Clip it!

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