Reminiscing The Past

People from that past lived in a social lifestyle. The way they dress, they drink, they smoke and so many other things that they do are very exceptional compare to what we have right now. Past is indeed very distinct. Some people consider them fashionable in unique ways. Of course, if I was able to live from that past I’d be comparing it to what we have now in modern life. Literally you’ll see what I mean to say.
I just can’t imagine how people from that past enjoy life compare to young ones presently. On how they dance, hang out with their friends and so many other things. And I just wonder, if do they smoke, drink and party all night? Well, probably they do as that exist already even from the past. For sure they smoke using fuente cigars, drink branded liquors and dance peacefully unlike from the present. Sounds so funny but that is for real. Old people has the best days ever compare to what we have right now.

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