Fashionable House Wirings

I once again tried to re decorate my living room last week. I was thinking why our house looks so sad and dull. And I realized it’s because of the colors of my decors. Most of the colors you will only see in our house are blue, black and brown. So I decided to add more vibrant and happy color, my favorite one – yellow! I just finished my DIY upholstery and used yellow fabric. It’s nice and more pretty to look at now. My kids liked it so now I am looking for more yellow decors for my house.  I was trying to add more decor beside our television but I can’t figure out how to make it looks better without those ugly wiring behind it then I found out that there are sleeves that I can use to make it pretty. Browsed online and look for buyheatshrink’s selection and I am so happy I found some safe and cute stuff that will solve my problem with ugly wirings!

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