More Books?

More books? Yeah right! I can’t even finish the books I still have in my headboard waiting for me when I have spare time. Well, the truth is I have plenty of time but I guess my priority right now is not reading. Surely I would love to finish reading them but not today.

My friend tag me with this new chain thingy in Facebook to post some books that touched your lives, pardon me I don’t remember exactly the rules but it’s something like that. So I realized, I can’t join that game coz If I do I might put kids’ books in there. Yep that’s right I’ve been reading my kids book so I would relate to them and so I would know what is the books their reading all about. As a parent I am sure you’ll understand what I’m saying. There are lots of good kids books, the picture quality are good like the ones from booklet printing nyc and that is why it’s very entertaining to read!

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