DIY Convertible Dress

I love myself and I am contented of what God have given me, but sometimes, especially when we moved here in America, I now hate the fact that I am only 5ft (what I knew of, all this time) coz I’m actually 4’11” (now, is that supposed to sound better?!) . It sucks right? I know, who can blame me? I am even shorter than high school kids here! But hey, don’t get me wrong, like what I said, I love myself. I just hate that I am having a hard time shopping for dresses. Yeah, that’s my big problem! Aside from that, I don’t care if I am the shortest among group of friends or whatever!

So Mom Prom is coming in few weeks, I was looking for some dresses for quite  sometime now, went online, in-store, went to different stores and try some dresses on but I didn’t find something suitable to my needs. I want a long and yellow dress but didn’t find any. Okay, okay, I’ll admit, I am lying, I saw some but man, the lenght of the dresses were as long as the digits on the tag! So, nah, never mind! Then finally decided to make my own! And…tah-dah! My very own YELLOW DRESS 🙂


DIY Yellow Convertible Dress

I am not a professional and this is only the second dress I’ve sewn so if you see some flaws, forgive me, I’ll do better next time! (wink).  As you can see, this dress can be arranged in so many ways, I watched this you tube video (see video below) that can teach you different styles but I didn’t memorize all of them yet so I just tried a few and see which style fits me for the Mom Prom. I love them all but I have to choose one but haven’t decided yet. Don’t worry, I will surely share it with you guys in my future posts. Thanks for visiting! I will post the tutorial for this dress  soon!

Source : Youtube

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