Fashion Blog…How Come?!?

Hey guys, I can definitely say I am surely a blog addict! I am making a new blog now ans it’s all about fashion!
Does it make any sense to you? Me, creating a fashion blog? Me being some kinda boy-ish and no sense of fashion at all? Uh-uh, let me tell you a secret…I do love fashion, I just don’t follow the trend coz I am not a fashionist. I might say I have my own style though sometimes I must admit I am idolizing some people but not necessarily a celebrity. I am not consistently dressing up like any other women but I have this kind of mood sometimes. Ever since I got Ishi – my daughter, I got more become interested in fashion coz I was thinking of being a role model to her. I don’t want her to inherit my style. Me being so boy-ishi but not ‘baduy’ alright! I don’t want her wearing pants all the time. I actually love to wear dresses but I don’t have this guts before. But like what I’ve said eversince I got my Ishi, I started changing myself by wearing shorts which I never did before, wearing make ups, putting nail polish, going to salon to fix and treat my hair and so many things! That’s because of my Ishi. So now that she’s already five years old, I wanted to see her grow with confidence, wear any kinds of dresses she wants that I never wore during my childhood and teen life. As a start, since she’s only five, I love seeing me and her wearing matching clothes together. Sometimes even my son has a matching color with us too and I find it very cute and nice. I made this blog to share our own styles and fashion, I did not create this for anybody, I just created this blog for my daughter and me so please just comment if you appreciate it and just shut your mouth if you have anything to say nice! We all have our own styles so just mind your own. But If you love our style, I will appreciate it if you say it outloud thru my comment box below!
Thank You and Enjoy my MAMEE and ME Fashion!
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