Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! How was everybody’s date? Don’t you dare ask me coz my husband is not here with me, LOL just kidding. I just wanna share how many people I saw today wearing RED tops or anything with red in it. Just love to look at them, So RED and so IN-LOVE!

photo from google 

I remember myself wearing red too in Valentines Day when I was in college and I am so embarrassed after that. It’s like ‘jologs’ to everybody but honestly, I found it cute especially nowadays. Now that hubby and I were far away from each other for almost 8 months now, I love seeing couples dating, smiling to each other, holding hands while walking and seemed like nobody’s around them and if there’s one, they don’t even care about it. So cute! I love Valentines’ day! I love to be always in love! I love you DADDY! Mwah!

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