Chic in Black #2 Loving Dresses




I always love to wear dresses but just in my dreams during my teen days, I never wore them before except when needed like in proms, parties but not in casual days, my frustration ever!
I always wanted to wear dresses but I just can’t, I have no guts that time. I dunno, one of my reason is that, I don’t wanna wear something that will make me uncomfortable like dress. I not as grace as other woman, I really can’t do whatever I want wearing dresses alright. Second is that, if you are just commuting wearing dresses is a big NO to me. But now, that were here in US and we have our car, I think it’s time to change and start wearing the clothes I ever dreamed of when I can’t wear them before. Look at this dress I am wearing here in the picture, my cousin gave it to me before I left. I really love this dress and I really begged for this, lol. So here, I find it so chic! 

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