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chic in black #5

Last Friday my family went to Lawrence Plaza  after hubby’s work. There are always an activity there every first Friday so husband decided to bring  us there and experience the fun. I can’t tell you more about it here so more stories please visit NEW HOME SWEET HOM.

For now,  I am sharing our black couple’s shirt I bought from in the Philippines and we first wore at Lawrence Plaza.  I love this shirt the first time I saw it, If only I have enough money before I left, I would love to buy more of it (different designs ofcourse). Some people in the park were looking at us and some can’t even  help theirselves but ask where’d we get  our shirts. They envy us! Lol. I really love this kind of shirts. How I wish there’s for kids but sadly there isn’t coz it’s only for adults, specifically for couples.






Daddy and Mommy


I hope you’d like our shirts! Have a chic day ahead!

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