Look What Husband Got Me

mytotsexactly CIB Monday

Chic in Black #6

Summer is coming!

Kids got their new swimming stuff last week and so am I! Daddy got me a pair of swim suits!

So black…so chic!


Kids and I went to the pool last Thursday, the weather is just right but it’s kinda windy. I supposed to swim with them so I had a quick shower too and wore my swim suits. I took a picture purposely of myself before going coz I wanted to share how chic it is.

PhotobucketWondering why I just have a half body shot?

PhotobucketI will try to post a whole body next time 😀

I love to wear swimsuits but I don’t have the guts.

You know mommies have this extraneous variable on the other half of the body, Lol. So will try to eliminate it first so I could post a whole body picture.

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