Mamee and Me Shopping Bag on Thurdays!

Hello my dear fellow SHOPPER and FASHIONISTAS!!!

I myself is not that fashionista at all, I mean yes I have my own preference and sometimes I love wearing fashionable clothes but I am not so into it but don’t worry coz my daughter is. My daughter always love to dress, she has her own preference already and because of my daughter, I started to atleast be in old fashion.

This meme is all about our fashion style and preference not just for our selves but for others too like celebrities you are idolizing in terms of clothing and style. In this meme you can also share good finds and what you are about to shop. You can look in your closet and share some with us their stories like how much you bought them if you can still remember and ofcourse we can always share what’s our latest stuff in our shopping bag. Anything about fashion (clothing, shoes and accessories) is open, you can share them here and tell us something about it or if you bought it how much did you get it? Just like that, don’t forget it’s about FASHION and all of those stuff were from ‘ours‘ and ‘theirs‘ shopping bag so come and share them now here!


All you have to do is grab my badge and post it in your post and most importantly to leave me a message after linking and try to visit every participants.

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Thanks! See you on Thursday!!!

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