Our Little Model

Last night my husband had a little trip, he asked my daughter Ishi to pose for her and he took some pictures of our daughter. Ishi is just like me, she loves pictures too but sometimes she has this mood of not liking it. Last night she’s in the mood. So they had this on the spot photoshoot. He didn’t even ask her daughter to wear something sexy, just kidding. It is not a photoshoot really, it’s just a picture tripping. Before that happened, husband and I were watching the old photos of the kids and we were like “Oh my God they are so big now!” that’s why maybe the daddy has this excitement of taking her daughters picture again and again so that we could treasure more pictures of them in the future.

My Little Ishi seem to have a future in modelling. She has a good poise, she’s slim and has a beautiful tan color. She loves to wear sexy dresses, her favorite color is blue but I am giving her pink stuff of course! She is five now and she loves girly stuff already. She has her own backpack purse with a lip gloss, hair brush and mirror in it! Her favorite shoes were totes boots and she likes pink rubber shoes too! When it comes to fashion I am not the ‘role model’ kind of mom coz I am not into fashion ever since. But when I noticed Ishi seemed to love fashion even she’s just five years old, I started loving fashion already! I started with boots, yes I am wearing boots now. Then dresses, hi heels, scarfs etc and now I am planning to wear leather jackets like michael kors leather jacket maybe. My Ishi will surely like it too!


shots by daddy

See her photos? She’s a good model isn’t she? I taught her that!



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