Swimming in my Black Swim Suit

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Chic in Black #7

I finally had a chance to use my black swim suit. I was wearing it last time we went to the clubhouse but I didn’t swim coz it’s so windy. Last Saturday, we went to the pool again and finally I was able to go swimming in the cold water in a pool. I thought I can’t swim again that day coz the water is like an ice cold water from the fridge. But then after some minutes dipping my feet in the pool, I was warmed out and decided to swim and I did it. It was cold but I can handle it.


The other residents were looking at us and some of them entered there to feel the water and they were like “Oh. My god is’t so cold” and then leave and I feel like I am a freak swimming in a cold water. I didn’t expect people living in a cold place cannot swim in a cold water. I enjoyed swimming back and forth and when got tired I decided to go out from the pool. While changing my clothes I feel like I drank a slurpee and I am feeling like I am having a ‘brain freeze’. I think thats the effect of swimming in an ice cold water in the pool and  I was paranoid I could get sick. After that incident I was so worried so I looked on  sites to find myself  an insurance immediately. That was scary, that’s my first time to feel that weird feeling after swimming.

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