Mamee and Me Fashion #1

When I was in the Philippines I was buying online items for mommy and me clothing, I love to pair with my daughter outfit. But when Daddy left for US and it’s always the three of us together, I stopped pairing with my daughter already since it’s awkward to my son. So what i do is just wear same color tops and that’s it, were color coded 😀

I find it cute as well as to others but I know there are some that don’t appreciate it, and I don’t care 😀

Ishi and I have couple of pair clothes….here’s my first favorite unfortunately I don’t have those clothes anymore, I think I have given it already to my sister 🙂


Mamee and Me in Blue

Mamee and Me in Blue note: I am not preggy here...looks preggy only 😀

I love it!


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