Wearing Skirts One of My Frustrations

I am a jeans and shirt kinda girl, I love wearing any kind of pants from elementary till I got in College. I remember my pants during college were hippy. I love the loose one because  used to be a modern dancer and this kinda stuff is what I am comfortable with. But you know the truth was, I am tired of wearing them. I just have no choice! Even I love to wear dresses and skirts,  I don’t have the guts to wear one that time. I love looking at dresses and skirts, hoping I could wear one and sometimes I am so happy when there are times and occasions that we need to wear dress and skirts, that’s the only time I can fulfill my dreams for just that very moment.

Now that I have 2 kids, and soon to be thirty, I will not waste this opportunity, I will surely wear dresses and skirts from now on. That will be a promise to myself. I will shop for more dresses and skirts! No to long PANTS anymore except during winter, Lol.

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