My Dream Wedding

I’ve been married for almost 6 years now, my wedding is just as simple as I ever wanted and I am contented how it happened and very happy that I have a wonderful person with my life forever. I actually don’t have a dream wedding, coz marriage is the last thing in my mind though I fell in love several times but still marriage never came of my thinking. Not when the time my wedding is already finished. I realized, I do have a dream wedding and I am planning to have it on our silver anniversary and I am hoping that would be not a double wedding with one of my kids coz that time, my eldest will be 25 years old and youngest will be 24.  I hope that time my daughter will still be single so that she can still be my maid of honor coz if not, I will probably become mother of the bride and not the bride itself. lol. Funny thinking but kidding aside, I am praying for that not to happen.  I wanted to have a wedding in a beach where everybody is wearing a Hawaiian dresses. I wish I can get that dream.

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